June 16th, 2000

Brown-eyed Stare

First entry

Well, this is the first entry I've made here... after playing with it late last night. I think this is where I'm going to keep my more private thoughts, because I'm incredibly lazy, and this program caters to my like for easy updates. Also, as it's a bit more anonymous, I may just use it to have the occasional rant, so be advised now.

If you don't like it, you know where the BACK button is.

More later.
Brown-eyed Stare

oh, I really *like* doing this. no really.


Whatever. You knew I wanted to teach the new person, and enjoy that kind of work. But you decided that *I* have to be bookmarking. Well, I was going to be doing my work anyway, and showing him from what I'm doing. But I guess that would have made too much sense. Now Jeremy is training him, and I'm still working. But Jeremy is one of the people who could be programming, which *is* necessary, because Suzanne is still behind on that. And, while Jeremy is training, he also has the time to work on his resume. So fuck it. Whatever. I'll continue to do my lame, boring-ass job, and work on my journal whenever I feel like it, because you can't be bothered to actually pass along work that I like, to use as a break.