August 1st, 2000

Brown-eyed Stare

Strangeness at such an early hour....

Okay I lied. Well, maybe not so much as lied as didn't expect to have to teach twice yesterday.... I thought I'd have time to post and comment on this weekend's events, but yesterday got the better of me, and so here I am today.

The only big concern I have right now is if my doctor's office is sure that the company that sends me meds will continue to do so. They're expensive, and I have no insurance, so they put me on a program where the meds come directly from the company. I am really grateful for it, believe me, but I am getting nervous now that each time I look in the bottle and see a week's worth of pills ever slowly diminishing. Guess I need to follow up on that, too. And I wonder what I'd be like without them (I tried it once, for a weekend, and suffered through the whole thing... and am not willing to voluntarily undergo that again).

I'll play catchup some more later. I *do* have to teach again this morning.
Brown-eyed Stare

(no subject)

One taco salad, several dragonflies and three students later...

Yes, folks, I'm at work.

Teaching this morning was okay... now I'm wrestling with some code on a piece I stupidly bookmarked about two months ago. Now I have to go and re-work it. And I feel dumb. Part of me wants to go back and teach some more (because I keep getting lost in the code), and the other part just wants to go home and curl up in a blanket, and sleep. I think that part is winning.

More later. Must pursue code, and resist the urge to nap.......zzzzz