August 4th, 2000

Brown-eyed Stare

today's ravings are brought to you by the letter D

Hello again....

I really ought to be finding a lunch, but surprise... I'm not hungry yet. Not that an evil coworker plied me with hot coffee and donuts before I left to teach this morning... oh no, not that. Actually, yes, I *did* give in to the little monster, and now must repent and redeem myself to the Church of Protein (tm). I'm doing the Atkins thing, and carbs (*especially* white flour and sugar) are a big no-no. I've been feeling bettter since I started, and have lost a little weight (not that I've stepped down off my "fight fat phobia" soapbox yet... but I wanted to reverse the nasty hypoglycemia thing... it appears to be working). So, I feel a little better, and I get to have my scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Aw yeah.

Anyway, I went over to earlier, and ordered some cool stuff; thanks Srini! I'm glad he's around; he's got a great website, and some excellent products (I often want to splurge and buy 100 stickers, and go on a mad sticker-posting spree all over this sleepy town! Wake people up! Mess with their heads!). Re-reading stuff on his site makes me proud I never really lost touch with the teenager inside (she's pretty smart, you know). I especially like the sticker: "Shhhhh. Listen."

Now, I have to wait another week or two, so I can get a t-shirt from there... I think "wageslave" will work nicely (good Friday attire for the Secretary of State programming job, eh?). I love being subtly subversive; messing with people's view of the status quo is so fulfilling.

More later; lunch now, then back to the code.