September 28th, 2000

That Look

It's like this: I met this guy....


Yes, I feel like I'm about 13....and I find myself humming Madonna tunes. Giggling and blushing, I'm hopeless, I know. And no, I've not lost my penchant for the fairer sex either, but this particular male makes my knees turn to jello (I blame it on pheremones... I swear, the brain just short-circuits, and suddenly I'm babbling....) :-D Something strange about this one.... he just... I can't quite put my finger on it. However, he has an SO and I don't want to cause any rifts (I respect others' relationships, and I value my good karma), so for now I can only drool from a distance. And I *want* to build a good friendship with this one, but it's like trying to open a puzzle box. *grin* I wonder if anyone ever thinks that of *me*?

In other areas, things here at the factory are getting curiouser and curiouser. There are dead rabbits all over, on the lawns, periodically, as well as NO songbirds, which makes me wonder. I don't think I'm gonna die any time soon, but I do have a nasty low-grade cough that seems to linger. [Maybe it's all the drool... :-) ]

And next week is my birthday... and I'm still not done with the tattoo design yet. I know what I want, mostly, but I want it drawn out so I can have the image fully formed. Guess I need to work more on that. And I want badly to go and visit my Loved Ones in the Emerald City.... and I do hope that materializes. But again, I don't know.

More later... gotta figure out now why my monitor has suddenly turned yellow. Can a monitor get jaundice?? And *how* would I dialyze it? :-)
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