November 21st, 2000

Brown-eyed Stare

If going to church makes you a Christian, does going to the garage make you a car?

Hello all...

Okay, I know, I know... I'm Little Miss Inconsistent here in the writing department. (it's been over a month, and a lot has happened. But have I brought it here? Noooo! I’m sorry, people; I truly am. Actually, I find it strange to think that anyone actually *reads* this stuff. Others have readerships; I can't believe that I might, too.

So... what's been happening? Well… Lots and lots and *lots* of work. Dayjob is going ok. Things have quieted down, and I even got a few days off. Also, they’ve suppied me with my flu shot for the year, which is nifty, even if it’s got my lymph nodes thinking that WWIII has started in my left arm. :-P Oh well.

The Pharm is going okay, too… especially for the past two weeks or so. We’ve gotten a new permanent (well, mostly permanent) pharmacist from the Flint area, named Bob. And Bob is a Smartass ™. :-) He’s also smart, kind, adorable, 41……and married. Oh well. *sigh* He’s a damn good boss, and sees through most of the bullshit that gets pulled there, and for that I am very grateful. He also doesn’t hesitate to kick ass where needed, and my own ass is not immune. This is also a good thing. :-)

As for free time, I’ve recently had very little, between the two jobs. But what I’ve had, has been spent with new friends. The male I've been attracted to at the Dayjob (Cuteboy) and I have struck up quite a friendship. He's in SCA, and has introduced me to it. I attended my first event last month, and got to spend a lot of late night time talking with a Dark Lord. :-) MmMmmmmm.... Dark Lords are nice. More on that later, perhaps. But the event was *lots* of fun, and I'm hooked. Cuteboy is a Master Archer, and has re-introduced me to a sport I loved as a kid. I've been trying to shoot regularly since then, but having bruised my elbow, I’ve had to sit out a few weeks. I hope to start again next week.

I’ve also gotten the opportunity to meet and spend time with Cuteboy’s SO, K. She’s great; she’s tough and strong and Takes No Shit. :-) And she has this great way of having her whole face light up when she smiles…I am hoping that she and I become good friends. Her daughter is Boo, who’s also quite wonderful. Boo recently trimmed her own bangs (she *is* 7!) and the result, while amusing, was creative, and not altogether unbecoming. Both K. and Boo are in SCA also, which is where I started really getting to know them. I’ve also been to visit at their house, and horseback riding with the three of them, and hope to go again soon. And I am enjoying the closeness of family, even if I am not a member of this one, but only on the periphery. Jim and I and Sunny are still a bit of a family, but it just isn’t the same. And Cuteboy, Boo and K. are delightful to be near; it helps when I miss The Pack, the Hellites, Misha and my other Loved Ones in The Emerald City. However, it will make it that more difficult to leave Michigan.

Speaking of which, yes, I did make it to Seattle to see some of my Loved Ones. I spent a long weekend in the Emerald City, and got to cherish and relish the presence of people and places that are close to my heart. Idat and Misha and BWH were all very welcoming; and ZC and I, while not seeing eye-to-eye at first, got the chance to talk in that deep, trusting way we have. Gods, I miss him.

I also got to spend lots of time with Misha, and found that she and I will make smashing roommates. We have an easy closeness that was startling at first, until I realized that she’s just a Very Good Friend that I only recently recognized (rather than “only just met”). Her feline companions adopted me and promptly marked me (and my stuff) as “theirs”. :-) Gosh, I like being liked. And it was WONDERFUL to again be around people who, when I purr, or mmrow or growl, understand the nuances and connotations thereof. English is a magnificent language, but it still is a feeble communication tool, at best.

I didn’t get to see Simone and C. while I was in the Emerald City, though. I think events overtook me, and I didn’t remember to call C. until my plane landed back at Midway. Ooof! I feel pretty bad about that. I’d even brought a present for Simone, and am deeply disappointed in my own lack of communication ability. I hope they forgive me.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to write again soon. In the meantime, think warm thoughts for me; it’s blizzarding outside, and think the walk through the Tundra to my car will be a long, cold one this evening.

Until later.