January 25th, 2001

Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Stuff: Info on Me

Short Autobiography:
I was born October 3, 1968 in Royal Oak, Michigan. My mother was in labor with me for 5 days; she says this accounts for my sweet disposition – I got the orneryness squeezed out of me early.

I was born into a world of tumult and change in the Fall of ’68. The VietNam War was at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, Hell had just been raised in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention, and earlier in the year, we’d lost both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Yet, the biggest thing my Mom remembers about ’68 is my birth; I can only wonder what that says about me.

Mom and Dad had grown up in the Detroit area, and lived there for the first 2 years of my life. My grandparents, aunts and uncles all lived in Michigan; I never really thought about living anywhere else. And despite my many travels, I’ve wound up calling the Mitten State home for many of my 32 years.

I grew up in places like Rochester NY, Saginaw MI, Lexington KY, Greenville SC and Holland MI. I spent summers and holidays at my grandparents’ house in Northern Lower Michigan (rural) but I went to school -- 9 schools in 12 years – in suburbia, wherever we lived. I got good at adapting, and in finding a comfortable (if temporary) niche, no matter where I was. I got good at “nice” – but didn’t learn until my late teens what it meant to be “real”. In Holland, I found peace on the beaches of Lake Michigan that was unmatched by all but that of the waters and forests of Higgins Lake. I’ve always been calmed and strengthened by water and woods, and have a deep need to have both nearby.

I left Holland in 1986 to attend Michigan State, and after 3 ½ years (and a Study Abroad trip that was punctuated by the death of the professor), I quit school, and worked as a temp. As a secretary, I sucked…at first. But then I practiced and got better. I honed my skills, and learned about this new thing, called a PC, which was to later dominate my life. And in the fall of 1994, I went back to MSU to finish my degree. I earned 2 BAs (Political Theory and International Relations), and found a love for history and philosophy I’d not known before. I also Studied Abroad again, this time heading east, and tracing my roots in the Old Country, learning a little German and Polish in the process (I’d already learned Spanish).

Since graduation, I’ve putzed around with temporary and consulting positions, looking for a niche. I worked on a Y2K Project, and got to go on my First Business Trip (a month in DC). My skills with computers do not match my degrees, but somehow, I am determined to combine both, and to make a career out of the amalgamated whole.

Personal Info:
I live alone in an apartment in the city (although friends have keys and come and visit often). I have joint custody of a Golden Retriever (Sunny Bear) who thinks that I am his mother; I have also recently been acquired as Main Human by a black and white kitty named Charlotte. I was recently claimed as an Auxiliary Human by both the Madstop and Annelon cats, in Seattle (where friends and loved ones live). Curently, I am celibate, but do have occasional bouts of amorousness. I am picky when it comes to mates, and would rather be alone than with someone I’m not right with (sic).

I work during the day as support staff for X Staffing, and at night as a Pharmacy Tech with Y Pharmacy. I think the night job is mostly for comic relief, as well as for learning new things. It *definitely* fits the bill (customers and pharmacists alike can be *hilarious*).

My calling is…hmmmm… still not sure what my calling is yet. I want to continue to write, and I want to teach. I know I am called to love people, but other than that, I don’t know. I don’t know where on the road I am now, but I am going somewhere, and will probably enjoy where I end up.

I have practiced archery in my spare time (which there isn't much of at the moment), and I cook. Oh, and I spend a lot of time reading, and on my computer. I have a black and white TV; I don’t have cable. This means that I like to amuse myself in other ways, although I can be a PBS/Animal Planet/TLC junkie, given enough rope.

I vacillate between an ENFP and an INFP (Kiersey Temperment Sorter), depending on the day; I am a Libra (Aquarius/Pisces cusp rising), an Earth Monkey, and a dangerous mix of Polish and German, with a few drops of English, French and Iroquois thrown in for good measure. I am sappy, but also can be quite practical. I am bi and polyamorous, but currently celibate (by choice). My elements are Air and Water. If I were an animal other than human, I would be a wolf or a river otter.

And I’ve recently developed these strange shyness tendencies with new people, but old friends will tell you I’m crazy as hell. I have a vivid imagination and dreamlife, and believe that the vast array of fantasies and convoluted, contradictory thought-webs that span my brain would frighten nearly anyone else who might climb in for a look.

I am much more drawn in by aesthetics than I care to admit, and I relish beauty, simple elegance and space. My life is very full right now, with things and people that I love, and that love me. I am growing into the person I have always wanted to be.

And I like her.