March 31st, 2001

Fortitude in Snow

Hello again...

Hello again.... lots happening, even if I haven't been here a lot. And no, I'm not as manic or unstable as the last entry may have led you to believe.... it's like I was telling a friend in Seattle: "It's like a rollercoaster ride for the blind... we don't know where the Hell we're going, but the ride is certainly exciting." And that's how life has been lately, full of growth, and epiphanies on old themes, and reconnecting with friends. It must be spring.

Yes, I've been learning lots lately. I ifind that I all too often forget the Indigo Girls lyric: "And the next time I fall, I'm gonna have to recall, it isn't love, it's only something new."

Um, yes, I *do* fall in love a lot, why do you ask?? :-) I distinguish between this and LOVING, which is a serious decision, one which take courage and committment and more than just a little fortitude. Falling in love, like having a crush, happens for me as easily as breathing, some days. I find something wondrful and mystical and magical in quite a few people I meet, and no, I did not have the Magic Mushroom Omlette for lunch. :-) I just find God (tm) in a lot of things, and am entranced by it. To me, God is Love, and the rest is up for debate.

That's the short blurb for now.... I'll write more again later. Now, I'm a-goin' mascarpone huntin'! :-) Cheese, here I come!

PS: I'm coming to Seattle in May!! Hooray!!