June 28th, 2001

Brown-eyed Stare

Hello yet again....

Yes, I know I am sporadic... :-)

Here's a quick little blurb for right now; I took the time to answer these questions so you could have a peek inside the tumbleweed-strewn arroyo I call my mind... :-) Enjoy.

I see. . . the fishy plant in my office.
I need. . ..a bit more sleep.
I find. . .that I’m disappointed to have not been included in the interview process.
I want. . .a permanent job, with a purpose, and with stuff to do that I enjoy.
I have. . .way too much stuff.
I love. . .my friends, family and pets.
I miss. . . Seattle and the glorious denizens thereof.
I fear. . . that it will all fall apart just before I’m able to make it work.
I feel. . .a little hungry, still (I *had* breakfast!)
I hear . . .the hum of the air conditioner, and the click of the keys as I type this.
I smell. . . not much; I’m still stuffed up from sleep.
I crave. . . cheesecake.
I wonder. .if I will ever be married, with children.
I regret. . . not having gone down to FL to see my aunt (Tunta!) before she died.

When was the last time I. . .

Smiled? Earlier this morning.
Laughed? Electronically… earlier this morning.
Cried? Strangely enough, last night, while listening to a commercial on the radio.
Bought something? Yesterday (cuticle trimmer, water, and some other stuff)
Danced? A few days ago.
Were sarcastic? Mmm…Yesterday, late afternoon, I think.
Kissed someone? Yesterday evening, my dog.
Talked to an ex?
Watched your favorite movie? Don’t know…
Had a nightmare? A few weeks ago, I think.

Do I . . .

Smoke? Nope.
Do drugs? Nope, not anymore.
Have sex? Yes, when I can.
Sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, there are a few in my bed… Somewhere…
Live in the moment? I try to.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No, not at the moment.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Not for a long time now.
Play an instrument? No, not really. I sing (mostly) but have played a tiny bit of guitar.
Believe there is life on other planets? Yeah, but I hope they’re too smart to come visiting here.
Remember your first love? Yes.
Still love him/her? Not sure.
Read the newspaper? Not usually.
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes, many.
Believe in miracles? Yes, definitely.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Depends on how you define “faithful”…
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Yes. Of their actions and opinions, not always.
Consider love a mistake? Never.
Like the taste of alcohol? Not particularly.
Have a favorite candy? There are lots, but none I indulge in with regularity. As a kid, it was Sugar Babies.
Believe in Astrology? Yes, somewhat (what I undersand of it).
Believe in magic? Yes. Magic describes processes we cannot yet understand.
Believe in God? Yes, but not in the way most people do.
Pray? Yes, although it’s more of a mental communication thing, rather than a get-down-on-my-knees thing.
Go to church? Not often.
Have any secrets? Some, but they are getting to be less of a secret.
Have any pets? Yes, Sunny Bear the Dog and Charlotte W. Kitty
Talk to strangers who instant message you? Sometimes; not often.
Wear hats? Once in a great while.
Have any piercings? My ears.
Have any tattoos? Not yet.
Hate yourself? No, not anymore.
Have an obsession? Not currently, but that will change.
Collect anything? Some teacups that have been in my family, and memories.
Have a best friend? I have quite a few good friends, and currently one best friend.
Wish on stars? Sometimes.
Like your handwriting? Pretty much.
Have any bad habits? Some, but I’m trying to work them out.
Care about looks? Um, that's a vague question. Yes and no.
Believe in witches? Yes.
Believe in Satan? Not sure. Do I believe there is evil and pain in the world, definitely.
Believe in ghosts? Spirits, yes.
Believe in Santa? No.
Believe in the Easter Bunny? No.
Believe in the Tooth Fairy? No.
Have a second family? Yes, but I have a few groups of people that I consider “family.”
Trust others easily? Depends on the "other" in question. For the most part, yes.
Like noise? Sometimes.
Take walks in the rain? Yes, I enjoy the feel of it, and I've always loved the smell.
Kiss with your eyes closed? Nearly always.
Sing in the shower? Yes. And out of the shower, too.
Own handcuffs? Not own…
Have any scars? Oh yes; I fell out of a lot of trees (and off many bikes) as a child. And I have a cat.
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