October 15th, 2001

Brown-eyed Stare

Ok... ok... I'm still alive....

So, I've been away for a LONG time. Bad Deb.

Actually, it's the 70 hour work weeks that have been stir-frying my brain, and yes, I really must stop. And yes, I finally have the PC back from the pc-fixer, so I can get online at home again.

Short news flash(es):
* I will be in Seattle this Thursday, probably around 7:30 p.m. at SeaTac. I *think* USAIR has finally finished jerking me around by the scheduling gonads.... first they had me flying from Detroit through Philly, with a 3 hour layover, then they changed it to a 7 1/2 hour layover (ye gods!!), with me having to take an additional half-day off, just to help warm seats in Philly's airport lounge (damnit!)... and now I am re-routed through somewhere in the Carolinas. To fly to *Seattle. Yes, it doesn't make sense to me, either. Oh well, at least I get the Frequent Flyer miles.

* IF USAIR is done with the scheduling mania, I will be returning to Lansing next Tuesday, (the 23rd). I hope to be splitting my time between Annelon and House Virgule.... but I need to iron out scheduling THAT with them... thank Bast they are sweet and kind, and PATIENT with me....

* Until the wing-flapping this Thursday, I am *RUNNING*... a board meeting in Grand Rapids tonight, staying at Ma's afterward, followed by a Board Training, and a Director's Training (can I pull this one off?) in Holland the next morning. I will probably NEED to sit quietly with the cat and a cuppa at Mom's, and stare at the wall, just so I can be as interactive as this requires. All that, and I am scheduled at Drugs-R-Us tomorrow evening. Can you say "over-extended" boys and girls?? Damn, I knew you could. But, at least I get to burn off some of the frustration I generated yesterday.

* Yesterday was The Day From Hell (Not the Good Hell). I swear that man has PMS that DOES NOT coincide with mine (or perhaps it does....). At any rate, I can NOT continue to become a crazy shrew.... it is not worth my peace of mind, and I cannot allow him to continue to push my buttons. And an 11 our day (even if it is paid, with pizza provided at the meeting) is NOT good for the proper care of a Deb. You'd think I'd have learned this by now.

That's about it for right now. More later (Someone else needs the line... damn, I can't wait until we get cable modem.... *drools*).

Ciao, kids.