January 24th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Cross-posted (sorry if I bore anyone w/ the "dead horse')....

Cross-posted from another journal I commented in, because I think it's important enough to do so.
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(& No, I'm still not dead yet, just with damn little internet access -- I'll get here when I get here. Really - I'm a writer, and it'll get posted eventually.... if not here, then at my new journal site)

PS: Oh, Cyke? You're right: I *am* an idiot; I'll freely admit it (& apparently I'm also a masochist). Maybe one day, I'll learn to think with my brain, and not my clueless heart. For now, I'm trying hard not to cough (yes, still - I've only pulled a rib, not cracked it) & trying to get ready for the choir concert. Go me.
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