February 14th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Yet another plea: Please come & help me move....

[Yes, I'm still not dead, and I hope to have internet access soon again (on a semi-regular basis).]

And, since Molly is selling her house, I've been looking for another place to live, and have recently found one.

So, at the end of the month, (Saturday 2/25 & Sunday 2/26) I will be moving to what (I hope) will be a more permanent location. It's right off the #106 bus route, and just up the hill from the #7, so it's really convenient for me. I'd also looked at a few other places, and the tiny apt I found downtown (right downtown, on First & Vine) looked interesting, but it's a 3rd floor walkup, and the thought of dragging the futon up three flights of stairs (and asking people to help me cart books that far) made me shudder.

So, once again, I'm asking *all* of my Seattle friends for help:

If you are able, please come and lend a hand for an hour or two on that weekend -- I hope to be moving starting around 11am on Saturday, and what doesn't get moved that day will get moved on Sunday. I don't own that much stuff (the biggest part is the 13 boxes of books I couldn't bear to be without), and the more people I can get, the easier it will be. Pizza and beverages will be served to my faithful helpers (and maybe I'll even sing to you!). Plus, you'll have my undying gratitude -- what a deal! :-)

Currently, I'm at 6550 Holly Terrace S, and am moving to 7416 46th Avenue S. -- which is not far away. It's a room in a house (with a very cool woman, and a dog and cat), and no, it's not a 3rd floor walkup. We have both a firepit and a bbq, so I hope to have some gatherings at "my house" later on this summer... and it'll give you a chance to meet my roommate, who does some *killer* landscaping (Meg, you *must* meet Alice....), and welds stuff into artwork for fun. :-) She's COOL.

Thanks to whomever can come and lend a hand.... I'm looking fwd to finally being a bit more "settled" somewhere... and this place feels really good. Please come, and check out my new place, help move a few boxes of books, and have a slice of pizza and a beverage.... it'll be good to see you!

(PS: Our second concert went smashingly well, also... thanks to the *sweet* man who made it (**Kisses Jesse**) and to the well-wishers who were there in spirit. Currently, Matt is working on the sound files of the concert, and I *definitely* will be posting a link (and sending out CDs) when they're done. I'm really looking forward to our summer concerts, as well -- titled "Summer In The City" -- and we're supposed to be doing 50s music, & performing w/ DISH!!)
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Brown-eyed Stare

I am *so* not surpised....

(Thank you to Thag for sharing this.)

It was a very close tie between Alpha and Beta Female, but the Alpha won.

*smiles* Guess that makes me Top Bitch.

Heh.... that's ironic.... and inexplicably funny.

You scored as Alpha Wolf. You are an ALPHA WOLF. You stand tall and are recognized by your followers. You are the leader, dominant, strong and intelligent. You are in charge and make sure that it is known. Despite the way you show your emotions towards others, you really do care for your pack.


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