February 18th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

A quick one: Today, and a Daily OM

This one was good, and I wanted to share it.

Today's been good, too: Mexican lunch, a Moving Sale, and a walk at Kubota w/ Molly, and some pics from that lovely garden with the new phone (I really need to get a real digital camera, so I can indulge my creative streak.... hopefully someday soon, when/if funds allow it). Yes, there were icicles at the waterfall, and if I can find the pic, I'll post it. Also got a shot of the ice chunks on the Japanese pond.... interesting, and so *not* Seattle. (Almost feels like someone sent us some "real cold" so I wouldn't be so lonesome for MI).

The pics are fun to take, even if the camera phone is going a bit batty on me (it dialed people ALL BY ITSELF today... and my ass was not even involved....). I love being able to take and share pics, so it's good. The recent ones of Kubota are great, but my favorite is still the rose pic I got last summer... WONDERFUL memories. *grins* Thank goodness for friends, and for the care and joy they share with us.)

I've been writing a bit more in my other journal (not on LJ or journalspace), and I'm looking fwd to getting my own PC out of the box, and being able to write on a regular basis. Maybe I'll even do it more here, too. But for me, the processing is the most important part, (and of late, precious little of that is for public consumption... sorry.... I'm skittish that way now... maybe I'll grow more courage later....). We grow and learn, but deep wounds often take longer to heal. That's life.

(One more quick thing: there's a small Buddhist temple less than a block from my new house, and a bigger temple just down the road -- guess how I "knew" it was a good place for me? :-) It may not be optimal (and I may not understand the Vietnamese) but some practice with others in satsang is better than none -- or w/just me -- and I can't get to the Thursday night "sit" any more, due to work. So, I can definitely sit with the "locals", if they'll let me. Here's hoping....)

Anyway, here's that Daily OM:

February 16, 2006

One Foot Forward: Finding Your Next Step In Life

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Brown-eyed Stare

I thought this was neat....

If you want to, click here and here, and let me know how you'd describe me....

I think they're both good tools to see how others see me (and how differently I see myself).

(And yes, I *am* being brave to put in that second one.... brave or stupid... am not sure which)