February 21st, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare


Long day, and I'm tired. Entries are up at other locations (if you know are curious and know where to look). Suffice it to say that I got one massage today, and right now, my eyeballs could use another one.

Many thanks to sweet friends who can sympathize when the "ick" hits & offer an electronic hug when I'm not able to "surf" the tidal wave of emotion. They remind me that yes, I *do* know how to "swim".... I've just forgotten, and they are there to encourage me, and remind me. It's people like that who are worth more than any amount of gold or diamonds.... friends who are true.

You know who you are, and you do truly rock.

My phone # will be changing soon; please let me know if you need to know what the new one is, and I'll get back to you with it. If you *must* get a hold of me, you can always email my phone-email account (debs.phone at gmail dot com) and I'll get it. The other account seems to be massively clogged with spam, and it's getting harder to sort. As for my new physical address, it's in a previous post, and you can practice looking up zip codes with it. If you're smart enough to pound sand (and nearly *all* of my readers are), you can easily find it. The compilation thereof is left as an exercise for the student -- unless you're helping me move, then call me and I'll give you the addy again.

That's all for now -- time to rest my weary peepers. G'night.