February 24th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

A real quick one.....

... 'cuz I'm-a-packin'! *fills another box w/stuff* :-)

This time tomorrow I wish to be safely ensconced in my new home, with meows and doggie-kisses to spare, and starlight streaming in through my window. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be spent quietly unpacking books and lovingly finding them decent homes (hopefully within my own room). :-)

I've had much learning lately (in all sense of the word.... as in the Chinese definition of "interesting"), and I think I'm going to get a period of time soon where I can curl up & cocoon for myself. Once again, I need to see what develops within my own chrysalis.

(Thank goodness; it's about damn time for things to slow down, and I have a *large* need to be turned inward for a while. I'm glad I have friends & loved ones who "get" that. I guess I can really say, for all that I have, and all that I do not have, I am grateful. And right now, that's saying a LOT.)

Added thoughts: These came to me from Daily Gems, and I wanted to share them. Enjoy.

Everything -- absolutely everything -- that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Events on all other levels -- mental, emotional and physical -- are only effects.

When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it be ill health, a lack of money, a lost job, poor relationships, an accident, whatever -- we need to look for the spiritual learning. We can ask ourselves, "What quality does my soul want me to live more fully?"

"If you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That thought is the problem."
-- Stephen Covey
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Brown-eyed Stare

One more quick thing

I thought this was cute:


From this page, I got *this* wallop on the side of my head with a large trout:

"Happiness isn't a crop that you harvest when your dreams come true; it's more like the fertilizer that makes them come true, faster."

(Okay, Universe. Gotcha. I'll keep trying. Next time, can you use a smaller fish, please? *wry grin*)


The following was also from the same page(s), and was kinda neat, too. :-)
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Brown-eyed Stare

I'm gonna be up LATE tonight... I can see that now.....

Um... does it *help* that a good portion of these things (i.e.: "Walk of Shame", corrupting a minor, shooting a gun & liking it, cheating on a test, etc...) were done when I was in my "sordid youth"...? (In other words, most of those things would not be true if I meausred them against the past 15 years, instead of my whole life....)

Or am I just NOT redeemable? *laughs* We'll have to wait and see, eh?

You Are 62% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
Brown-eyed Stare

Ok... I feel better now.

Based on the *last* 15 years, I'm much less evil. My Inner Pollyanna is placated by that thought.

Heh. The (Sort-of) Adult Deb -- now with 16% less Evil. >;-)

You Are 46% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.