March 7th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

(small meep = large scream)

Posting via phone sucks (this is my 4th attempt).

Also possesing much suckage is the sickness that claimed 13 people in CustServ yesterday & 10 today (& it doesn't make customers happy to just take msgs). The last two hours of today were spent coddling several bitchy, impatient people who had more money than manners (is 'noblesse oblige' such an alien concept? Does rudeness really get better results? Um... No.).

Am @ choir now, singing, because I need to dissipate this energy & I'm too tired to scream. (Thank goodness for John Lennon.)
Brown-eyed Stare


Singing helped. A lot. So did some small (but important) kindnesses: a ride home, an electronic hug, kind thoughts, some good laughs & some Nickel Creek and Romanian pop. :-)

Life is a frustrating pain sometimes, but people who care make a *big* difference.


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