March 14th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Daily OM: Expanding Their Vision: Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken To Consciousness

I liked these suggestions, but find the idea itself to be a bit of a
grey area. I like sharing things, but find "preachy-ness" & "lecturing"
to be in poor taste; they're disrespectful of whomever is being
"preached" to.

Also, although I try to practice, I wouldn't profess to regularly adhere
to any of these (to me, that would sound really pretentious & I try
*hard* not to be pretentious). I practice walking a Path, but I don't
think I'm a Tour Guide. And I firmly believe that, deep within, each
person knows best what their own spirituality needs to be (I can know
what's best for me & I can share what I see with you.... but how can
anyone else really know what's best for you, but you?). There's some
stuff here that I found good; I share it because you may find it good,
too. As always, YMMV.

Expanding Their Vision: Nine Ways To Help Others Awaken To Consciousness

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Brown-eyed Stare

Um, okay.... I think I've "got" it.... (Last Friday's Daily Om)

This was also frighteningly appropriate for this weekend, when I was
looking hard at processing some tough things *without* getting stuck in
them. I got past the stuck part, and felt pretty good about it. Then
today, I found *this* Daily Om waiting for me (was sick on the 10th).
Wow... I spoke of these lenses & balance to a dear friend, and here they
are again.... Synchronicity. And growth, with *much* less psychic slime
& fish-slapping.... I like that.

[Yes, I'm slow, but I get there eventually (progress, not perfection,
yes?). :-) And I've been told that "Slow is good." Am starting to see
the merits of that statement.]

Daily Om for March 10:

Why Me? : Pity Party

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