March 16th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Notes on today, and I thought the item below was a *good* one (from DailyOm)

More synchronicity from a Universe that apparently has a good sense of
humor. This morning, it was me and one other person answering/directing
*all* the calls. For a while there, I thought my name was
'ThankyouforcallingmynameisDebwheremayIdirectyourcall'. *grins* And
then, this afternoon, I had training on a new piece of software, which
left me with more questions than answers. Tomorrow is more training,
which should get me the answers I need. And the trainer is one of my
*favorites* -- he's funny & explains *everything*. Yaay! (PS: Running
on 3 hours of sleep today was not recommended - although it was entirely
my doing. Am not gonna berate myself; just saying it's *not* the
*preferred method*).

Heading out now - wish I had a *real* digital camera, so I could capture
these incredible clouds over the Sound and share them. (The camera phone
is nice, but isn't what I want).

**Hugs** to all -- especially those who may need them.

Make No Assumptions (From DailyOm)

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