March 17th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Yesterday's Daily OM: The Power Of Empathy

This one is excellent (imho). "Living with an open heart" is very
important to me. It isn't easy (and can often be painful), but it is
how I strive to live my life. I believe that the woundings I've
encountered in life can be powerful tools for growth & healing. And
that, as I grow through them, they can allow me to give back some of the
help and support I have received. I may not always "get it right" -- in
fact, sometimes I botch things up pretty well. But that's normal -- I'm
human, and humans make mistakes. The important thing is not that I
fail, but that I keep getting back up and trying again. I'm convinced
that it is in continuing to learn and grow that I perfect myself.

[And "living with an open heart" is why I carry the character Li
over my heart -- it means enough to me that I've (literally) made it a
part of myself.]

Hope this one is good for you, too. *hugs*

Power Of Empathy: Being Afraid Of Opening Your Heart

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