March 22nd, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Ideas on choices (& something else from DailyOm)

I was thinking earlier about how I got to where I am today. It's
simple: My "now" is made up of all of the choices I've made. Sure, I've
been acted on by some unforeseen circumstances, but how I've responded
to them (whether I've gotten stuck or bounced back) has pretty much been
my choice (whether I could see it or not at the time). Each choice, each
day, compounds into who I will be tomorrow. Inevitably, I become the
sum of my choices. And if I don't like what's going on, I need to learn
how to make better choices. And there's no shame in that, just learning
to pick different things, instead of functioning on autopilot all the
time. Mistakes are just that -- mis-takes. A chance to back up and
try again. (And try to tell myself "That's not the preferred method.")

And that's some big food for me to chew on, especially right now. Who
(today) am I building (for tomorrow)?

And the stuff from the DailyOm people: Sometimes it's good, and
sometimes it just appears to be wishful thinking. Not sure which one it
is today.... so I'm gonna crawl back into my shell and cloister for a
while, and garner what comforts I can from the day (mucha s I would
dearly love it, I'm not so sure I'm good company today). MagicMarmot's
right; some days it's better to not venture too far out of your shell.
(& Yes, after a while, it's hard not to be tired of getting kicked in
the teeth; guess I need to learn not to choose that).

Enjoy the DailyOm stuff, if you like.

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