March 23rd, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

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So I am 'Zadieyek' again...

If that is my role, then so be it. My choices can effect some things, but not everything. I will continue to do the best I can, but I can only be who I am.

Sometimes there are no painless choices.
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Fortitude in Snow

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It's beautiful out this morning, but somehow I can't let it in.

I stopped on the way to the bus, and picked up an earthworm from a puddle. I put it safely in some soil.

I wonder if it hates me, too... or if it thinks I have an ulterior motive.

Am I really such a monster? No... but it hurts a lot to know I am thought of that way.
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Fortitude in Snow

Today's Daily Om: Trust

(Okay... I get the hint. Today will be "chop wood, carry water" and
meditation. And some day I will learn not to care so much what others
think of me.)

(FWIW, it *was* beautiful out this morning, even if I was distracted.)

Letting The Universe Be: Trust

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Fortitude in Snow

Lyrics, more backstory & some Daily Om-ish stuff

They got those hippie girls, taking off all their clothes
Swimmin' in the river, wearin' beads and painting rainbows,
Love is a beautiful thing; I can't wait to see what the new day brings.
Love is a beautiful thing; Makes you want to dance, and cry and laugh
and sing.
Makes you want to holler.

-- The Sub-Dudes, "Papa Dookie & The Mud People"

Yeah, even though I'm mostly "geek".... there's a decent amount of
hippie in me, as well.

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Fortitude in Snow

Today's Daily OM: Good Thinking

This one is hard for me sometimes, but I keep trying, because the
progress I make is worth it. Diffusing those old tapes (the ones that
denigrate my self-esteem) is important, if I want to be somewhere other
than where I have been. Many thanks to A Smart Lady, who didn't laugh in
my face when I bitched about this some time back - her silence was
generous, though I surely deserved a good ego-smackdown at the time.
Being positive *is* important - even when it's hard. Progress,

Good Thinking: The Power Of Staying Positive

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