April 3rd, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

OM-type stuff on Play

Happy Monday, all. *yawn* Yes, I miss that hour, too, and would really
like to go back to bed. But work needs to be done, and so I am here. I
plan on sleeping and gaming later, though. :-)

I liked this from yesterday, especially since there's a large part of
me that's really a 'big kid' at heart. Sometimes I forget that I have
an almost tangible need for 'play' - this is easier to do now that I'm
living with a rather playful dog. She often leaves one of her toys (her
"babies") in front of my bedroom door at night, just to remind me she's
there and wants to play, even at 3am. ;-)

Nurturing Creativity Through Play
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Brown-eyed Stare


Hot coffee with cream, sweetener and a dash of cinnamon is a *good*
thing on a sleepy morning.

A very good thing, indeed.
Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Daily OM: Silence

This was something I could easily sense yesterday, as we drove around
the Olympic peninsula, near the mountains. It was beautiful and still.
And even the quiet sounds of the water (on the ferry, and as we walked
along the shores in the Straits) were peaceful, too. Sometimes in the
city, it's hard to find quietude - what a treat it was to go to the
middle of the 'wilderness' yesterday - seeing mountains w/ snow on top,
a long, winding deep-green lake, and the constant shores of the Straits
& the Sound. As a friend recently reminded me, sometimes the only way
to get to this kind of stillness in the city is to wander around in the
middle of the night.

:-) Hope you like today's OM.

Listening To The Void: Silence
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Brown-eyed Stare



When I walked in this morning, I was greeted by someone who smiled &
handed me a clear, smallish packet.

In it was a box of Super Genius watermelon-flavored gum and a *very*
small rubber chicken.

I like this place; they have a good sense of humor for Mondays.