April 10th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Weekend Update, and Today's Daily Om (Affirmations)

I read this Om, and it reminded me of a friend from Michigan who'd often
say, "Shh... be gentle. Your cells are listening."

Had a tough but good weekend: lots of hard work on songs where I really
needed the work (didn't think I could b e so tired from just *singing*).
And, I confronted a fair amount of inner fears, and moved some people by
singing a song that moves *me.* I was glad to share, and sorry it was
disturbing to some; but it's an issue that *needs* to be spoken of - we
can't be silent anymore.

And with the large amounts of *just sitting* (& a forgetting at home of
some of my meds) the cold damp of Hood Canal never really let my
arthritic knees forget their soreness. I got a small walk on the beach,
and that helped, but I'm afraid I was still rather whiny. Am still sore
today. And yes, I *will* keep moving, but this morning, a nap and
Tylenol are my *good* friends.

Enjoy the Om, and have a good Monday, all.

Words Of Wisdom: Affirmations

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