April 26th, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

A funny conversation with Jim

I was talking earlier with my best friend, and when I told him of my
plans for tonight, he said, "Boy! That beats getting jabbed in the eye
with a sharp stick!"

I replied, "Wow.... your sense of fun is really warped." (Cue rimshot).

He also has confused the "badger badger" meme with what I do for a
living... so when I call, he starts muttering, "Binder, binder,
binder... a snake, a snake!"

*grins* I love this guy, I really do; he never fails to make me smile.
Fortitude in Snow

Om-ish Stuff....

Grey day today.... and it's got me contemplating a lot of things. Funny
how this email (below) came to me on a day when I *am* feeling a bit
lonely. I don't need a Pity Party, but sometimes I do need attention,
especially when I'm feeling sick, and would like nothing better than to
stay in bed all day (and eat those tomatoes I keep craving). It's hard
not to whimper a little when I know I *have* to be at work instead, so
that rent and bills can be paid. (Some day I'm gonna have a *real* job,
where I have *paid* sick days).

And frankly, those feelings of "forgotten and lonely" are just plain
SILLY, because I had a surprise (happy!) visit last night, and got
several sweet kisses and a fantastic shoulder-rub (that was desperately
needed)... and am invited for pizza tonight as well (fresh mushrooms,
yum!). I think I'm just glum because I'm still drowning in my own nasal
fluids (TTMI, I know), and because I'm still feeling yukky despite
wanting to be better.

Yes... I think I'll just chalk up these funky feelings to feeling
under-the-weather, and leave it at that; other things can be handled
later. For now, fighting pollen and getting sleep are most important.

From the people at Daily OM:
Making Your Needs Known

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Fortitude in Snow

National Day of Silence (now & ten years ago)

Today, April 26, is commemorated as a National Day of Silence. It is a
protest of "no words." It is held to "speak out" against the
discrimination that lesbians, bisexuals and gays face, particularly in
classroom settings (schools and universities).

Ten years ago today (and 9 and 8 - all 3 years I was back in school
fulltime), I participated in this. And anyone who knows me, KNOWS that
this really was something big for me, (being the Chatty Cathy that I
am).... When *I* remained silent, people really took notice. Of
course I wore the badge that identified me, and wrote a lot of my
comments....but even so, most of my professors were surprised to not
hear me in class discussions, and wanted to know why. So, I did get a
decent bit of press for the day, in my own way. I remember it as a
Really Big Thing at the time, and I took it seriously, even letting work
(a secretarial position at the Cyclotron) know I'd not be talking. It
was not a big deal, as my main task was translating schematics from
handwriting into a finished product in Scientific Word.

This morning, I heard a bit about it on NPR, and remembered when I
participated. And realized that it had been ten years since I'd first
made the badges, and handed them out to kids on my floor. TEN YEARS.
And suddenly I feel old. And hells, I was *old* when I did it (I was a
non-traditional student, even though I was a Resident Assistant and
lived in the dorms). Made me wonder how far the "cause" has come in ten
years. And how far I've come, as well.

Wow. A decade is a long time, even though it feels like "just

[Sorry I don't have anything further (deep) to say on it; perhaps I'll
write more later.]
Fortitude in Snow

One more (so as not to end on a bad note)....

Thank you, dear Rob, for once again lighting my pants on fire. :-P :-)

Libra Horoscope for week of April 27, 2006

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Will the truth set you free? Maybe, but first it will set you on fire, metaphorically speaking. Once you have been completely consumed by the flames and been reborn out of the ashes like the mythical phoenix, then you might be able to figure out how to use the truth to set yourself free--and to set others free as well. As long as you're armed with the knowledge in this horoscope, Libra, the process won't hurt as much as you might imagine. In fact, the predominant sensation may be exultation. Here's some homework to get you started: Write your three top fears on a piece of paper and burn it.


The primary meaning of the word "healing" is "to cure what's diseased or broken." Medical practitioners focus on sick people. Psychotherapists wrestle with their clients' traumas and neuroses. Philanthropists donate their money and social workers contribute their time to helping the underprivileged. I am in awe of them all. The level of one's spiritual enlightenment, I believe, is more accurately measured by helping people in need than by meditation skills, shamanic shapeshifting, supernatural powers, or religious knowledge.

But I also believe in a second kind of healing that is largely unrecognized: to supercharge what is already healthy; to lift up what's merely sufficient to a sublime state. Using this definition, describe two acts of healing: one you would enjoy performing on yourself and another you'd like to provide for someone you love.