May 2nd, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

A few quick shouts....

Hellos, hugs & love & support to people out there:

To my friend S. (who "goes by Mommy"). who's going through some tough
stuff, even as good things come into her life... thank you, lady, for
reminding me (not so long ago) that there is strength in
vulnerability... I will try HARD to remember it...

To my friend H., for reminding me with her lj description that I'm *not*
this "too, too sullied flesh"... (thank you!)

To my other friend S., whose voice I miss, and am glad for when it
comes, in conversations that are also missed....

To R., whose laugh is fantastic, whose wit is whip-smart, and whose blue
eyes sparkle, even in photos on the web....

To J., for hugs, kisses and support (electronically and in person) - and
for just being too damn sexy....

And to the rest of you (too numerous to mention).... thank you for being
a part of my life. :-)

(More later, when I can - for now, back to typing)...
Brown-eyed Stare

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Typed on a Treo & beamed to my little Nokia to post:

Eeek. Spider on my ceiling... guess I'll need to re-wind-down (now that I've taken it outside). :-P Damn... and I was SO tired after choir, too. Bleah. Adrenalin's not good for sleep (nor does it help a swollen tonsil/clogged inner ear). Am all jazzed up & drifting around the world widdershins. Bleah, I say! :-) (Where's my little rubber chicken when I need him?)

Other than that, it's been a good day: spoke & msg'd w/several people I care about today... (must do something about the ratio, though: something better than 5:1. I need more cute wimmen to balance things; perhaps... recruit?) *grins & blushes* Silly girl, I am.

G'night, & hugs/snuggles to all.