May 10th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare


Song sparrows have different songs (i.e.: different "accents") depending
on what part of the U.S. they live in.

Wow. Neat.

(Info via the radio show "Weekday" on public radio station KUOW)
Brown-eyed Stare

Sabes la ropa me queda?

It's the lyrics from the 80s songs! Aiieeee.... (posted via email, not
from the itty-bitty phone)

No, really.... The best one I've heard today was a REAL blast from the
past. Howard Jones: No One Is To Blame. It's a poignant song of
regret and loss (without being too "pity-party").... and ultimately, of
acceptance ("no one is to blame").

I consider HoJo one of the few things that's been worth keeping from the
mishmash of big hair and shoulderpads that was the 1980s. Two others
were The Clash and Adam & the Ants: Sabes la ropa me queda? Ridicule
is nothing to be scared of.

And yes, I had the floppy, curly, one-sided hair. Don't make me post

Don't make me. *grins*