May 12th, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

Daily Om (Excellent one!)

This is an *excellent* one for today, imho. Passive-aggressive behavior
is sabotage; it's dishonest, and I really dislike it. I don't like
anger or conflict either (regardless of what anyone may think), but at
least a straightforward expression of anger is *honest* and clear.

Hope it's a good Friday for all. *hugs*

Repression Expression: Passive Aggressive Behavior

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Fortitude in Snow

More Good-good-GOOD OMish stuff

I especially like the final paragraph of this; all too often I forget
that I can change my life, if I want to. It doesn't happen overnight,
it may not happen exactly the way I want it to happen, and it's rarely
easy -- but it *can* happen. (the underlined parts are ones *I* want to
remember, especially.)

Happy Almost-Weekend, all! :-)

The Power To Change

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