May 19th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Update & Daily Om

Happy Friday! :-) Had a really great dinner last night with excellent
company; and am looking forward to more excellent company, snuggles and
good times this weekend: helping my housemate at the U-Street-Fair
tomorrow, dinner tomorrow night & swimming on Sunday. Next weekend: a
wedding! What a social butterfly I am, of late. *grins* Now, I just
have to remember to schedule a little downtime, to do laundry, clean,
read and SLEEP!
I've been feeling much better (finally!), even if my throat's still a
bit sore at times. I think it may be due to pollen at this point; we'll
see after the antihistamines kick in. Tea and a Milky Way Dark bar?
Sounds like breakfast to me (at least for now - my sugar decadence is
saved for Fridays, y'know.) Have a good weekend, all!!

Opening To Feel: Ways We Numb Ourselves

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