June 20th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Daily Om: The Things We Take For Granted

When I got sick in Guyana, I really came to understand this one well
(functional indoor plumbing & electricity that works regularly really
*are* a miracle).

And like so many other things, I forget so easily. It's good to have
reminders. :-)

Wonderment Of Life: The Things We Take For Granted

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Brown-eyed Stare

I don't really do that much mocking....

....honest, I don't.

You scored as Otherkin. You are Otherkin. You identify with otherworldy beings and feel you are truly something other than human. You are only biding your time here until you can return to where you truly belong. You seek others who share your yearnings and spend your time commiserating with those you like and mocking the ones you don't.






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Brown-eyed Stare

Gee, Universe, clue-brick me much??

Saw this over at daily_gems.... and it *is* pertinent.
[And the cure for stubbornness is....? Surrender. (Cue the Greek chorus)

The contrasts to being present are living in the past and living in the future. We do the former when we hold on to regrets. We constantly review things that have already happened, trying to explain them in terms of our own or someone else's actions. Often this kind of thinking leads to guilt or blaming.

We live in the future when we make assumptions or fantasize about what could happen and then become attached to those expected outcomes. This habit usually results in disappointment. Whether we are consumed with positive expectations (optimism) or negative projections (pessimism), we are not living in the moment.

When you find yourself constantly reacting to your experiences in one of these ways, when you always want to be otherwise and elsewhere, it is time to be present. The companion of this practice is contentment.
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Brown-eyed Stare

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A strange & somewhat difficult day got much better....and it's ending with a smile on my face (and sweet thoughts of mangoes & loved ones). :-)

I guess there are some things that must just be walked through. Even when you think you're done with them, there may still be something left.... And the only way out is 'through.'

Once again, I need to sit back and trust the process... that it will unfold in its own time, in the best way. And when I am patient, it does. :-)

Goodnight, all. Sweet dreams & good rest to each of you.