June 24th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Quick one

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

At least, that is my plan, with this crazy-busy schedule of performing, work and some social time. Right now, I am really craving some time to stare at a wall, and write on a computer for more than a 10-minute timespan. But for now, that is not on the agenda (perhaps soon). I have laundry, too, that is threatening to become a piece of furniture (it gets ugly when it's not done, I tell ya).... and I still have to be up, dressed and ready at Westlake Centerby 10am tomorrow.

Sheesh! And I was *so* damn tired last night, that I fell asleep sending a text msg to someone on my phone (to that person: Sorry, that was s'posed to be to you around 10, when I fell into bed, and not at 1am when I woke up to turn off the radio and light). I woke up this morning with pillow wrinkles on my face, and a dried-out tonghe -- I slept that hard. And I was home & in bed by just after 10! (Really!)

The past two days: We sang the national Anthem at the Storm game last night (and sounded really good -- they miked us well). Today we did our whole show, and I got to be a stand-in alto, because of my uncanny ability to match pitch when someone sings in my ear -- we had 1 alto and 7 sporanos, so I got appointed. It was fun, but damn hard work, and I was sweating from *just* the singing by the time it was done. Went afterward for beer and laughs w/ Anna (another soprano), then to a drag show one of her friends was in (cute butch girl!). Then Rhonda came & found us, and Rhonda & I wandered the PRIDE celebration area, getting sarongs, earrings, and having our pictures taken with a giant inflatable male genital. Yes, you read that right -- I'll post a pic later, when she email it to me. *laughs*

Tonight? We're going out, and I get to wear my sarong. :-) I'll hang out and enjoy company (and maybe learn a thing or two) but am not gonna participate -- am a TIRED Deb.

Tomorrow: we march in the PRIDE parade, and then I think I'm gonna go crash-boom. More to write on other things later, but suffice it to say that I am glad for resolution on some items, and have found that reassurance someone has given me has meant A LOT (to that person: Thank you; please don't stop. I'm not always as brave as I look/sound, and it *helps* when I hear those things from you. Thank you for it.)

More later; Rhonda says I have to go shower now. :-) And she has LUSH bath gel.... I'm gonna be a-smellin' like Sonic Death Monkey -- whatever that is. :-) it's LUSH, so it's GOTTA be good, yes? And Akira-kitty is insisting on a pre-shower pet, so bye for now.

**hugs** and other good things to all.
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