June 25th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Sorry, people... no pics.

I just put up three pics from this weekend's PRIDE rally.... posted them public here, and when I came back to make it a Friends Only post, I found that some person from Herndon, VA (or going through server there) had posted a nasty comment anonymously (from here: "what a f*ckin pig". A friend quickly piped up and called them on the chickenshit comment. (I appreciate my honor being defended, Ms. R -- thanks).

But it only took someone two minutes to find a pic of me and slam me for it. Wow. TWO MINUTES. I thought I'd made it back in time to make the post "Friends Only" -- and am surprised by the quickness some people have to disparage aonther person's self-esteem.

TWO MINUTES; that's all it took. Someone really needs to get a LIFE.

But because of that, I don't feel comfortable putting the pics here now -- so they're gone. If you want to go and see (LJ people ONLY are allowed in, and they log who you are), the gallery is "PRIDE '06 pics" and is in my scrapbook area.

I know this person was just an idiot looking for a rise from someone. But I have made some changes here, because frankly I don't like being insulted by strangers in my own journal. So, no more anonymous comments. I did have it logging IP addresses only, but because of a controversy before (where nasty comments were made, and the IP-address led back to them, but the person insisted they did nothing), I have deemed the IP-tracking thingie unreliable, and at the very least, not helpful. ions that they did nothing)... so it's better to just not court that sort of problem. I guess I'll have to insist on IDs if you want to leave a comment.

Sorry, just call me Big Brother -- censorship like that makes me want to throw up. But I don't need any help shredding my self-esteem from an anonymous idiot. Really. I don't have time for that kind of stupidity.

To that person: Buh-bye.

To the rest of you: if you want to see the pics, head over there. If you can't see them, text-msg me (not email) and I'll let you know where else I keep 'em. But bullshit (like the comment above) is for losers and fools -- and I don't belong to either category. I've got much more important stuff to deal with, and a finite amount of precious time. 'Nuff said.

Think I'll head home soon... R. needs her 'puter back, and I hear a nap calling me.
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