June 26th, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

OM Stuff

Lots of questions, contradictions, boundaries pushed, and a bit of new growth over the past week. I feel energy-depleted, and far behind in writing and processing, and needing to sit meditation ASAP. Here's hoping I can catch myself back up, soon. I hate stuffing/postponing this stuff, because... well, it "keeps." And that's a loaded statement, because I don't want to "keep" it anymore.

For now, I'm gonna share this Om stuff, and go back to typing binders.

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Fortitude in Snow

Relative "Radio Silence" & a DailyOm that kicks my ass

I've turned off the net access I had here at work (needed to reboot).
So, I can post to LJ from email, and read via my tiny phone screen, but
that's about it.

Today was a difficult, painful day, and I have little energy left for
much. What little I do want to say is that I'm confused, sad, and
feeling physically like someone's kicked me in the solar plexus (and no
one has) - emotions are a bitch sometimes. My realization: I hate
having the feeling that I'm "never good enough" and I'm gonna learn what
I can to not put myself in that situation anymore.

And following is Today's Daily Om; the Universe has a rather large
Clue-by-four today; it has rusty nails in it, and she's a-swingin'. And
I've forgotten how to duck. So I guess I get to learn, and this one's
hard to swallow right now. Here ya go:

You Are Who You Are, Not What You Do: Becoming Your Wrong Decisions

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