July 18th, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

Today's Daily Om: Question Everything

*laughs* This one comes naturally to me, in so many areas of life. I
try *hard* not to be irreverent or disrespectful with things that others
hold sacred, but I do tend to perennially question *everything* -- I
always have. Since I was very small, I've always wanted to know the
"why?" of whatever I've come across. As an adult, I still tend to ask a
lot of questions; I think it's because I still enjoy learning and
growing - and I can still be captured by awe and wonder in the world.

I'm also learning that behind my "why" has often been a sense of
stubbornness. And to regain a sense of balance, sometimes it's
important for me to question that streak of "bulldog-tenacity
don't-give-up" I seem to have. Yes, sometimes, I have to question the
questions, and even what's behind them. *wry grin* I may be slow at
times, but I do get there eventually.

Am feeling somewhat anxious today - woke up early and suddenly from some
sort of bad dream (can't remember what it was) gasping for breath, and
feeling scared. Maybe this stuff on Thursday is scaring me more than I
want to admit. Perhaps. I do feel optimistic about the outcome, even
if the financial part still scares me. And I'm working hard to maintain
a positive outlook, and do what I need to do, to take care of myself.

Hope y'all enjoy the Om.

Keeping Our Minds Supple: Questioning Everything

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