July 25th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Yesterday's Daily Om: Choosing A New Response

I liked this one, having dealt with some pretty big fears lately. To
me, it's important to remember that fears are there for a reason, but
they're not meant to stop us from doing things. I need to listen to the
fear, and find out what it has to say, then "face the fear and do it
anyway." And I'm learning that I can do that slowly; I don't *always*
have to fling myself off the cliff, hoping I'll sprout wings on the way
down. *grins* The fact that I can now deal with spiders (pretty well)
is a testament to this.

Choosing A New Response: Common Fears

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Brown-eyed Stare

Om-ish Stuff: An Inner Place Of Peace

An "inner place of peace" is something I'm working to cultivate,
recently. I am one of those people who (mostly) "exposes the whole of
themselves to the world" - because I believe in being forthright and
honest, as best I can. For a long time now, I've felt that that was the
best I way I could live my life (because I spent so long as a child at
the other end of the spectrum).

But something I read recently has helped me gain a better understanding
of the concept of sharing: truth and honesty are almost always two
different things. Honesty has to do with my inner thoughts and
feelings, whereas truth has to do with "what really is." That's an
interesting discernment - and it leads me to believe that sometimes it
may be better to keep things, and not to share everything. Provocative
thoughts for me; ones that are worth a good mulling-over. And of
course, I'll continue to work on the cultivation of stillness within, as
this Om-ish stuff talks about.

A Place Of Peace
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Brown-eyed Stare


Migraines suck.

Sinus headaches also suck.

And migraines that are caused by sinus headaches suck A LOT.


Gonna go find some drugs before my cheekbones fall off. (Thank goodness
for drugs at work.)