July 27th, 2006

Fortitude in Snow

Digestive weirdness...


I like Tuna Melts. Really, I do. They're not a strange animal to my
digestion; they're an old favorite. And I didn't eat anything else out
of the ordinary. I even had a few cups of decent tea; that should have
settled even the most jumpy tummy. And it's not still hot out, so that
can't be it.

So... how come it feels like someone's kicked me in the solar plexus?
It even hurts in my back, in the same-level spot, on either side of my

Ow. I've had enough; this tummy-weirdness can stop now.
Fortitude in Snow

Today's Daily Om (just came in)

I'm not so sure of this (an ability to communicate with ancestors) as I
am of other things the Daily Om has presented. But I do know it helps
me to remember what my grandmothers (and great-grandmothers) went
through, in coming to the US, and in learning new languages (other than
Polish and German) and a totally new way of life. When I forget, and
start to bitch and moan about how difficult *my* life is, it helps me to
gain some perspective when I think of how different things were for
them, how hard and lonely their lives must have been, and how they built
wonderful lives in this new land, from nearly nothing except their own
determination and inner strength.

Their same genes (and personal power) run in my veins as well; in one
sense, they live on in me. And if they lived full, good lives, then I
can, too. (That encourages me.)

Happy almost-Thursday, everyone.

Those Who Came Before: Turning To Ancestors For Guidance
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