August 23rd, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare


So, I have an interview this afternoon. It's for a job that sounds
good: challenging, interesting, with lots of variety and new things for
me to learn, and decent compensation, with benefits. And I sound like a
good fit for the position.


The woman just called and left me a message telling me she'd forgotten
to tell me how important it is for the person in this position to have a
car - for running all over town, delivering blueprints, and meeting with
people who bid on jobs, etc.

Wow. Nice timing: I've already asked for the time off to come see you,
borrowed a vehicle to get there, dressed for it, and gotten ahead of my
work so it won't be a problem.

My cubemate said it best: "WHY wasn't this in the ad?"

Good question; wish I had a good answer. The person interviewing me did
say to come anyway, because she wants to meet me - and she will talk
with her husband about it (he's the boss of the firm).


I'm still going, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm about to be

Am going to try and be positive, and look at it as a learning