August 29th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Daily Om & A Quick Update

There is something incredibly appropriate about this, for today. Friday
morning, I wound up heading back home after throwing up in a flower bush
on 3rd avenue (at least I didn't hork on the lady in front of me on the
bus... thank goodness for small favors). Am not sure if I swallowed a
nasty bug that made me sick (a six-legged creature on the raspberries I
picked and ate that morning) or caught a virus "bug" from someone at
work. Either way, getting sick is right at the top of my Not To Do
List, and now my favorite berry is not at all appealing. Bleah. My neck
and back are still sore - so I know that, whatever it was, it did NOT
belong in my body, because my stomach was incredibly vehement about
getting it out. *makes a face*

This weekend was strange as well - good in quite a few ways, and hard in
others (one of which is not knowing what's going on with someone I care
about, just knowing they're having a hard time and are incommunicado).
Yesterday seemed to stack one frustration on top of another, and perhaps
I really ought to have stayed in bed. Despite having stayed home on
Friday, I feel like I need another day to recover. But the binder typing
will not wait, so here I am.

Hope everyone's week is starting well - I'm working on getting mine to
go in that direction.

Working Through: Hard Days
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