September 21st, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Yesterday's Daily Om & something quick

I was home sick yesterday with a migraine (I never made it back to
work). I think the migraine came on because of changes in the weather,
and because of some stress I've been trying to deal with (crying helps
w/emotional processing, but it doesn't help with migraines).

Regarding something that's bothering me: I do not ever want anyone to
spend time with me out of guilt or pity. If someone cannot see the
Light that shines from within me, and does not care for me based on
that, &/or what good qualities they see within me, they ought not waste
their time. Guilt is not a good motivator for any sort of relationship
-- I'm worth far more than someone's guilt or pity, and they are worth
more from me as well.

As for my part: I do try hard to see the "light" in others; lately life
has been harder than usual, but I do still enjoy seeing the sweetness
and beauty in others, and am very happy to do it. If I say I care about
you, it's real, and you can bank on it. But you don't have to listen to
just my words; watch my actions and see what my words are worth. I may
fail sometimes, but it's not for lack of effort. I will (and do) keep
striving to show people that I care about, that I do care. I hope my
actions accurately reflect this; that is what I strive for, and it's
important to me.

Seeing Your Perfection: Letting Your Light Shine

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