October 5th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Daily Om: Travel Sensitivity

I learned about this kind of disconnectedness rather thoroughly when I
traveled in Europe during college. It was disorienting to be in a
foreign country and hear very little of my native tongue, and it was
hard to not automatically understand people when they spoke (I only knew
a few German phrases when I rented my car in Frankfurt). Even watching
tv was stressful because I couldn't understand what was being said. I
did seek familiar things, which helped - and I needed it, as I changed
countries (and languages) about 6 times over that summer. Learning
"please" and "thank you" in each language helped, as did seeking out the
company of other English-speakers. Even with the stress, it was a great
experience, and I learned more about myself than anything else - I
recommend it highly.

Soulful Voyages: Travel Sensitivity

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Brown-eyed Stare

Quick blurps before bed.

Strange how not hearing from a few people this year has felt weird. Strange, also, that I find it weird.

I stayed over East last night, and have many thank-yous to Jesse -- for a birthday dinner of tasty fish, football (the REAL kind) and mybeloved Strongbow (on tap; he's good to me!) Was tired enough that after dinner at the pub (a real English one, even!), I didn't have the energy to unpack the laptop and try out the wireless card. It's on my list; really.

I carried a full backpack home today, as well as the full laptop bag, *and* a docking station (with the keys -- thank you Jessica!). I named the laptop after my kittygirl; it's cute and small, and the bag with all of its accoutrements (dvd drive, cd drive, zip drive, external floppy, ethernet and wireless card-pluggy-things, et al) is HEAVY. I feel like a little packhorse carting it around -- but it's a good feeling. And it works well. And it's HERE.

(Laptop task complete. Next on list: find/decide on next living location. Keep snarky comments on ill-timed necessity thereof to self, and remember that this is For The Best -- you know the truth of it.)

How long *will* it take for me to imprint all this Latin (and Hebrew) into my brain's sound-centers -- correct pitches and all? Like the "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop" question: the world may never know. And auditions are on the same day as my surgery. Rut roh. Maybe I can take enough meds to still actually *sing* on both the Vivaldi and Berenstein that night. I hope so.

My nephew has entered his Terrible Twos, and my sister wants me back in MI. BAD. Either that, or she's threatening to put a stamp on Zach's forehead, and send him here. *smiles* At least Suki'd have someone new to chase for a few weeks.

Anne McCaffrey's son has taken up the baton. He's not half-bad (& actually rather good). Makes me want to go find his other solo work, and also read what he co-wrote with his Ma. Glad to know the storylines will continue.

Do I *really* want to learn Mandarin, or am I just crazy enough to want to distract myself with a new (tonal) language? Again, the Tootsie Pop answer may well suffice. We'll see what the Port Authority has to say.

Oh, and I *do* want to see another Speaker Of The House -- especially if Hastert knew of these "shenanigans" several years ago, and didn't nip them in the bud back then, but kept it hush-hush. Silence is complicity, and the blatant hypocrisy is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth, even as I'm not surprised. After all, DC is The Shark Tank (and that's an insult to sharks -- poor creatures).

More another time; I'm beyond tired (was up early), and I need to go make my quota of snoring noises.
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