October 12th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Tuesday's Daily Om, a bit late

I'm back at work (go me). Monday was a migraine (I think I was a little
scared, eh?), and Tuesday was the surgery. It went well, if a little
scary (I had to take it easy for awhile, because of the involvement of a
persnickety artery that made things go an hour longer than planned). Am
now just mostly tired and sore, and am glad to have done with the
procedure. Odd (but good) that my body seems to know what's going on,
and is taking steps to make the best of the situation. Oh, and sleep &
Tylenol are very good things right now, as is moving (physically)
slowly. *nods*

I really liked Tuesday's Om, so here it is:

Whole-Self Well-Being: How The Body Clears Energy

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Brown-eyed Stare

Monday's Daily Om

This was what I was dealing with on Monday, with the migraine I had.
I'm pretty sure it was tension-induced, because (among other things) I
was scared about my upcoming surgery. I'm so glad it's over, now.

Honoring Life Changes: The Wisdom Of Fear

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