October 18th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Om-ish Stuff on Solitude

Like this suggests, I am feeling kind of quiet today. Even though I got
about 8 hours of sleep, I'm still feeling tired (& I was told yesterday
that this is to be expected, especially right now). Yesterday I got a
lot of information (and a lot of "maybes") all at once, and I have some
things to process, even as I have some other things to work toward.
Choir last night was good, as well - I feel really supported, and like
I'm a valued member of a good community. That helps a LOT, even though
I'm still sooooo sleepy. I wish I could have stayed home today, but I
can't afford any more days off, so I have a nap planned for this
evening, as well as some packing. I'm glad it's a slow work day. :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Discovering Yourself In Solitude

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