October 20th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

A Quick Hello, Info on Moving & Lyrics

Hi all,

Am busy at work today, and it feels *good* to be able to do stuff at a
regular pace again. I'm feeling better from the procedure a week ago
Tuesday, even though my body says we're far from done yet (in more ways
than one). I guess patience comes in dribs and drabs, when I realize
that I made it for X amount of time without being frustrated. Thank
goodness for that.

I've mostly been doing okay mentally (days are easier than nights, and
my dreams have been weird, with some nightmare-ish, but I'm coping).
Even so, I'm still *very* physically tired, so I've been trying to sleep
as much as possible (napping at lunch and breaks). But I'm hoping for
an energy surge: this weekend is a MAJOR packing event, and I'll need to
hunt down boxes (Note to James from Choir: Pretty Please??). I'm also
going to try and get at least one donation run in to Goodwill; I really
don't need all the clothes and shoes I have, and it'll make moving

If you have spare sleep, please send it my way - I can definitely use
it. :-) And I'm working hard to keep my spirits up - life is far too
short to be miserable, or to give in to fear (I'm repeating that like a
mantra, and even when I'm scared or sad, it seems to help, so I'm gonna
keep doing it). And yes, I'm doing my best to switch everything I eat
and drink to organic - a little difficult right now, but it'll be easier
after I move.

BTW, I've settled on a location: I'm moving to Shoreline (for now),
and will definitely need help a week from tomorrow. My Moving Day is
Saturday, 10/28, starting at 10:00 am, at my current house: 7416 46th
Avenue South, Seattle, 98118
). Please plan on it, Seattleites!! I
will be needing lots of hands to assist, and I will make sure you don't
go away hungry or thirsty, and are *filled* with Warm Fuzzies for your
efforts. If you need further information, please give me a call or
email a short message to my cell (5175050280 at tmomail dot net). Thank
you in advance for helping me out when I really need it -- I will be
glad to see your smiling faces next Saturday!! :-) .

And here are the lyrics that have been sticking in my head from The
Mountain today:

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