November 10th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Today's Daily Om

I'm trying to get "re-gruntled" this morning (having become a bit
disgruntled). I stood outside for over an hour in the cold rain, for a
bus that didn't come. Bleah. Apparently, some of the express busses
don't run on holidays, and even though Armistice Day isn't until
tomorrow, my #304 is finished until Monday. I'm coughing again, and got
chilled while waiting, so I'm trying now to get (and stay) warm. Also,
I'm hoping that I'm not one of those people mentioned below, because I
do feel like there's a big fog around me this morning. Here's hoping
that I really do "get it" today, instead of remaining in Clueless Land.

At any rate, I'm VERY glad it's Friday. That alone is worth a BIG smile.
:-) Happy weekend, all.

People Who Don't Get It

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