December 5th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

An update, and Today's Daily Om

Today's Om sounds like an opportunity to be able to look up Om-stuff by
category. Neat. :-)

RE: Me:

Am still having a hard time doing normal stuff (still really tired/achey
& wanting to sleep) but I finally made it to work today Went to bed last
night at 7, so I should be extremely well-rested. Am still trying hard
not to worry about the bills, because my health is most important (that
one is a struggle sometimes). However, it's starting to dawn on me that
it may be better for me to quit my job early, to better gather the
benefits I need, and perhaps so that I can sleep more (as I've been so
tired). Makes me wonder what kind of rest I really need. Hrm....

Did some good (hard) work at B's class on Sunday, and have now been
befriended by a friendly four-foot-tall River Otter, and a
quietly-eating Deer (not that the otter will surprise anyone, I think).
The Otter wants to know why I can't just "drop the sad things and come &
play." That's a good question - one to which I need to carefully
consider the answer. With that, I've begun to ask some other really hard
questions, even though I've been avoiding their answers and the sorrow
they uncover. But they will come - their work has already begun.

And I had some *lovely* touch-time on Sunday night, for which I am happy
and grateful. My fingertips are still smiling.

*sigh* Two weeks. The only way out is through.

Here's that Daily Om:

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