December 8th, 2006

Brown-eyed Stare

Now? Is NOW a good time to panic? Hmm....

" in circles, scream and shout."

Shall I panic now? Hrm... You tell me:

Should I be disturbed by the fact that the FedEx'd letter/packet from
the Cancer Alliance has "Dear Rahel," at the top of the cover letter?

Um, YES. Because that is NOT my real name - it is Deb (Deborah, if
you're picky and reading my driver license).

*small-shudders* I would just blow this one off, and chalk it up to
office errors... but the first packet went to my old address, AFTER I
changed my addy with them. So I got it AFTER the appointment, and not
before. And it had all the appointment information in it. So, this is
beginning to be weird.

I know that when people go in for knee surgery that they mark the
correct (read: "to-be-operated-on") leg with a large X in felt-tip
marker. How, then, can I mark my uterus with that pen?? This most
recent mistake makes me want to do just that, so that I don't come out
with my adenoids and spleen having been removed instead.

Oh well, my mom will be here, and woe be to whomever would screw up like
that under *her* watch. She may be small in stature, but she has BIG
TEETH, and they're SHARP. ;-)

*slightly concerned, albeit amused*
Brown-eyed Stare


Said to me in a phone conversation this afternoon:

Jim: "You do have an evil streak, even if it's a small one. But you're
the only person I know who'd refer to her evil streak as "shiny."