February 11th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

Quick Post

I'm trying to get out to Golden Gardens (for a walk on the beach, and the chance to collect some seashells), and I'm heading out in a few minutes. (Am at the Central Library now).

I'm not sure if the #17 goes there, but I guess I get to find out. The outer route that goes there (#46) only runs M-F. Blarg. SO, here I go. Missed Dim Sum this morning because I slept too late (Benadryl does that), and I was hoping to meet someone for pho. But I think they may be sleeping, too. I'll see how it goes. At the least, I get a nice bus ride on a rather pretty day.

And perhaps I'll get my pho, after all (even if I have to eat alone -- I'm good company. :-)

More later, perhaps a VoicePost from the beach. :-)
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Brown-eyed Stare

Thoughts on a bus


Today I find myself wanting to chat w/someone. Not lonely or needing company, just wanting to connect & share things w/someone. A want for interaction. Hmm... I think I may still have cabin fever from my surgery.

Hmm. Soon I'll be working , & that should help.
Pack - Family

A thank you to Michael for this one....

My friend Michael posted this, and I really need to share it, especially since it might explain why I wanted to "connect" today. Warm fuzzies! :-) And now -- off to catch a bus in the rain. :-)

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critical article, for introverts especially

Why Love Heals: How Friendships Keep You Healthy - By Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, MD

- http://boomers.msn.com/articleLHJ.aspx?cp-documentid=376471>1=9103

["Every second you spend with other people, your limbic brain is tuning in to them, being changed by their moods, and changing theirs in turn. It's a constant, life-affirming limbic dance." (so much for a lot of the objectivist theory of emotions.) "Experimental psychologists have known for decades that we share moods." "

Hundreds of research studies confirm that isolation hurts us and connection heals us through the same physical mechanisms as exercise and healthy diet. Blood vessels are measurably more elastic, the heart's ability to respond to extraordinary demands is higher, cardiac inflammatory protein levels are lower, and blood pressure response to exercise is better in more connected people. Their stress-hormone blood profiles are also measurably healthier than those of isolated people."]