February 16th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

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I don't like feeling this uncomfortable in a place where I live.

The short story: I asked my housemate a question & she blew a nut. I acknowledged that it wasn't my business (despite the fact that I have to hear it when she verbally abuses another house member, especially when it wakes me). I said that we should just drop it & she kept escalating - at one point I thought I heard her throwing things as she yelled, downstairs.

And from what I heard, when I set boundaries, and call behavior as I see it, I am shaming and bad. But her screaming, swearing and pounding things doesn't count. And yes, I know "it takes two to tango," but... being told "This is my house, I don't want to see your face! Go to your room!" is waaaaay over the line. We were both supposed to be adults in this -- I did not contract to be anyone's parent, *or* their child.

I don't know if she is or could be violent, but she advanced on me & got in my face twice while screaming obscenities @ me. Words don't frighten me per se, but the physical intimidation stuff has me wary -- as do the recent mentions of her prowess in martial arts. I don't need a busted snoot; I'm barricading myself in my room tonite, just to be sure.

Wish I'd known about this in October. I am *so* gone.

many thanks to G, & J for a good talk & a reality check, & also to T (& C) for the escape offer, & M for support. Thank goodness for true friends.
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