March 5th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

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Blue sky. Jackson Browne on the radio. Nice weather. Done w/work & feeling good.

And then it hits me:

I made it.

I'm back to work.

I don't have cancer anymore.

I'm really gonna be OK.

Brown-eyed Stare

What a girl wants....

Hmm.... let's see....

A strategically-timed ride home from the bus on my first day at a new job. A tasty dinner, complete with ice cream and a soda. A foot-rub and the chance to watch Alton Brown *and* Heroes (in good company)....

Somebody's been studyin' up on "What a girl wants." :-) Many thanks and *smooches* to the sweet and wonderful jw1776 (and I'm sorry they're making you wait for another six weeks before the next Heroes).

Another sweet man made sure I had a Daily Puppy fix for my first day at work. Thank goodness, as I needed the cuteness of 'dat widdel face' when my caffeine buzz ran out around 10am. :-) *So* thoughtful!! And SO CUTE!!! (Embrace the cuteness! You know you want to!!)


Can you FEEL the LOVE??? :-) I'm definitely enjoying it!
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