March 13th, 2007

Brown-eyed Stare

I had to laugh....

This is, by far, the best icon I've seen... well, today, at least. :-)

(Substitute 'tea' for 'coffee,' and you have a great descriptor of me.)

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Brown-eyed Stare

I liked this....

.... and it struck me as rather Buddhist. :-)

You don't have to travel to Jerusalem, Mecca, Santiago de Compostela, or any other explicitly holy site to be a pilgrim. If you travel with reverence and wonder, with a lively sense of the potential and preciousness of every moment and every encounter, then wherever you go, you walk the pilgrim's path.

Every Journey Is a Pilgrimage, by Don George

And now to make my pilgrammage to Seattle, to S-I-N-G!! (And ride the LATE bus back... must work on that...)

On a totally unrelated note: Why do my shoulders, back, and hips hurt? Did the movie last night cause me to have nightmares I don't remember? Perhaps.... Ow.
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