March 22nd, 2007

That Look

Interesting Quiz

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PS: My tummy is still on some sort of rollercoaster. Am thinking I may have been allergic/sensitive to something I ate or drank last night (although everything was exceptionally tasty, so maybe it was something else).
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Brown-eyed Stare

Of course I am...

"...I'll see thee hanged on Sunday first!"

Backstory: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... a young maiden of 17 enrolled in a 400 level Shakespeare class. Even though she was but a Freshman, she knew that her love for Shakespeare would carry her through. And as the youngest spitfire in the class, she got the chance to play Kate (in front of a whole bunch of Seniors). What fun it was!!

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Pack - Family

Thankful Thursday

1. Stir fry, snuggles and good tv with jw1776
2. Online chats, sweet presence and a new muscial with hollyking
3. Tasty pho, Target fun and "GB: Boy President" w/h & S
4. My choir
5. The opportunity to Retreat (& sing) this weekend
6. Forsythia, cherry and plum blossoms
7. My teachers, and classmates who are also teachers
8. A second interview *crosses fingers*
9. Comfort that came when I really needed it
10. Reading "The Hobbit" with someone I love
11. Finally starting to learn a programming language
12. My life -- all of it
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