March 28th, 2007

Fortitude in Snow

Not Surprised, and a Quick One

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A short one:

Me: Not the best of days inside my head, by a long shot. But the weather outside today was excellent. Sensitive, touchy, weirded out/envious of odd things -- if I had the right parts, I'd say it was PMS, fullblown -- but they were nearly all removed. As it is, I still get it, but supposedly not as much. (Yeah, right. I'll just bet that one little gal I have left is workin' overtime to get out the requisite amounts of estrogen to keep me 'girly'....). Pink was right: "It's bad when you annoy yourself."

Work: Second day at work. I can make it. I will make it. My brain will not melt and run out my ears in three weeks; I know it will not. I can do anything for 12 hours that would annoy the fsck outta me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime. Good company and encouragement help, as do the friendly Front Desk person, and the view out my window. Spring is much nicer when I don't have to sneeze at it.

Things did get a bit better in my head later... I had a fruity drink, a good cry, a lovely dinner, a much-needed 'mending chat'..... and I even got a tiny shark for my desk! His name is Squidley (don't ask) and he likes to bite noses. *hee*

(Yes, that's right -- if all else fails, try to appeal to the Inner Kid in me, and it works, nearly every time. I am so predictable.... but it worked. :-)

It's after 11pm... what am I still doing up? G'night, and **hugs** to all.
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